Houghton Lake

Chamber of Commerce
Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce proudly serves its community as a non-profit organization that “unites business and professional firms within the community to create a central agency, working to increase prosperity by encouraging growth of existing businesses, and fostering new business development.”
Houghton Lake area shares a school district with Higgins Lake, in its Houghton Lake Community Schools. This district offers Collins Elementary, Houghton Lake Middle School, Houghton Lake High School, and Houghton Lake Community Education Center, which provides Adult- and Alternative- Education resources. The Second Chance Academy is “designed to work with adjudicated youth in a nontraditional setting, while offering support services for both the parents and their youths. The Academy is an alternative placement for students who otherwise would be placed out of county and in a residential setting. When the program is successfully completed, the youth will be discharged from court wardship, with educational credit, job training and appropriate life skills.” 
Other Community Links
Visit the Houghton Lake Tourism Bureau page for more information about local events such as Tip-up Town, Farmer’s Market, Fishing contests, and more.